We provide geo-spacial based mobile application solutions, tailor-made to customers’ needs for any travel business.

Our products customized to your solutions

We build products to strengthen your bottomline by offering the cream of powerful and dynamic solutions that are specific to your needs. Our products encompass a wide spectrum of the transportation industry. To this end, we bring into play the most talented experts to bring out products that surpass the users’ expectations and earn their delight.


We leverage our capabilities and emerging technology to bring about a fusion that translates into a healthy business environment for you to manage your business with a flawless dispatch system and earn the satisfaction of your services users.

  • Driver apps for iPhone & Android
  • No setup costs; start using for free
  • White-label booking apps and website
  • End-to-end fleet management
  • Intelligent auto-dispatching
  • Browser-based, works worldwide


Key elements and benefits of our ENTERPRISE Model

O1 Tech Globe is a leading dispatch software solution provider, both cloud-based ENTERPRISE as well as SAAS model solutions for vehicle dispatch, be it Taxi, Limousine, Logistics or paratransit needs. It contributes to better business, translating into more profits for your organization.

  • Unlimited Fleet Access
  • Unlimited Dispatchers
  • Unlimited Sub company panels
  • Hosting on client server
  • No setup costs; start using for free
  • Driver apps for iPhone & Android



Now, book a taxi in a jiffy
An agile taxi booking
and dispatch software

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Now, book a taxi in a jiffy An agile taxi booking and dispatch software

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Governed by a Master Admin panel, web-based panel bridges the gap between customers and taxi drivers, with real-time resource tracking, auto billing of fare and user statistics.

Enables  managing orders, monitors dispatches, resource assignment, viewing of transaction logs, analyzing of reports and logistics through web-based panel  with Google Map integration

Mobile App that instantaneously allows passengers select starting location and destination, and drivers to accept booking requests, choose routes and to manage transactions

The easy-to-download App enables  quick hiring of taxis.  Passengers can view the available taxis.  Drivers can choose to accept or turn down a passenger request in half a minute.  Otherwise,  the next available driver gets the request.  Booking confirmation notifications are then sent to passengers.

  • Determine driver‘s status
  • Based on driver’s availability, accept or turn down requests
  • Provide booking request confirmation

Dispatch notification with booking particulars

Booking taxis through the App gives the benefit of GPS advantage.  This enables passengers view taxis nearest to the pick-up place.  Drivers, too, can view the passengers on the map by means of the details given at the time of booking.  As the drivers approach the pick-up point, they can send alert notification to the passengers.

  • Map shows the approaching taxi
  • GPS facility enables location of drivers and passengers
  • The trip’s real time progress can be viewed
  • Upon reaching the passenger location, alert notification can be sent

The automated system that comes into play is the convenient feature of booking taxis through the application.   Selecting the pick-up point on the map, taxis can be booked by passengers.  The destination point can also be selected on the map.  Even before commencing the trip, according to the pick-up and drop locations, the taxi fare is automatically estimated.  Waiting charges, if any, are also included.

  • Identify the point of pick-up
  • Before commencing the journey, estimate trip fare
  • Identify destination making appropriate route selection
  • Issue bills automatically, taking into account waiting charges

Sharing rating information on driver and service by passengers through this app,  forms a valuable  aspect of service improvement.  Feedback on the trips undertaken by passengers can also be shared through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Excellent system  of feedback
  • Dissemination through social media
  • Good mechanism to rate service and driver quality
  • Elevation of customer satisfaction levels

The entire array of the organization’s  admin system, dispatcher system, driver app, passenger app, reports, et al, are governed by the Super Admin Panel.   Improvement of the business lies in unearthing the growth opportunities through systematic information, statistics and data obtained through interpretation and analysis of factors such as passenger nature/pattern of behavior, revenue  and driver behavior.

  • CRM activities comprehensive execution
  • Master Admin Panel data real-time updation
  • Administer settings related to site, social networking sites, payment gateways and commission, SMS templates
  • Details and transactions visibility enhancement
  • Individual login credentials to users