A paratransit dispatch system that is cost-effective and convenient, yet efficiently caters to the mobility requirements of the differently abled.

An app for safe and comfortable means of transport for the differently abled, that tracks vehicle location using GPS.

A unique non emergency medical transportation software that is feature-rich

Automated Trip Scheduling & Dispatching

Filling the void brought about by the conventional method of transportation services that do not have the much-needed and suitable means of transportation for the disabled, Cabmobility’s paratransit software is particularly designed aimed at fulfilling their transportation needs, with automated and systematized scheduling facility

  • Say goodbye to inconvenient manual scheduling and dispatching
  • Very convenient and timely service
  • Personalized mobility

Real-time Reporting

Since ride safety is paramount in medical transportation and real-time data is essential, Cabmobility’s software incorporates features for generation of accurate reports and statistics whenever required.

  • Keep track on trips made, hours spent, fuel consumed, etc., and generate reports
  • Keep a count on activities like delayed pickups, missed trips, denied trips, etc., and generate detailed reports.
  • Convert and send reports in various formats like PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, HTML, CSV
E-Payment & Invoice

Funcationality to track payment sources and retrieve revenue data is enabled by the paratransit booking software. Payment failure and success response in the passenger account can also be tracked.

  • Payments can be tracked and automated
  • Deliver passengers invoices through email
  • Get payments online before or after the trip
  • Propose discount offers and personalise payment terms

Mapping feature

Combined with Google mapping, maximization of dispatcher efficiency is achieved by the non emergency medical transport dispatch software for auto updates and real time operations management. Besides, it also enables locating shortest or speedy route to pickup points.

  • Route exploration and schedules fixing
  • Define pick up and destination locations
  • Driving time and distance monitoring
  • Map data updation, analysis and manipulation